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April 13, 2008



Goodmorning Steph I must say you have done a fine job of retaining your sanity through all this shift of life.

Thank you for giggles, suspense, emotions and most of all hands on experience of chunking things out. One method I have used is to put things in a box... If I don't use it for a six months, it's gone!!! I don't even open the box again. Just cart the box to a thrift store. Then when I come back I look at the water line with a smile on my face seeing my vessel has gone up an inch and somebody who loves collecting is carrying my load now.

I also live on a 500 sq.ft. Tiny houseboat/float home and yes I do have something to say about the terminolegy. :>) My short version is ... jury-rig an outboard motor and put put away.

Next I will say is from experience. You never know whether the marina owners are going to shift you forward or backword. So I'm looking forward to your experience of outdoor electrical wiring. Come to think of it black water and grey water holding tanks, electric vs. propain/gas (go electric with solar!!) less fossil fuel. Hell I'm looking forward to your next blog already!!

I feel another new Floathome book being published in the near future.

You go Girl!! May the winds and landlord be with you.


Woadhsnoom, thanks for the encouragement. :)

Yes, I've heard the six-month trick. The closest I've come to doing this so far is when I was trying to finish unpacking the boxes of craft supplies in my studio out back in preparation for moving in to the floating home. After weeding through about the third box, I said "Aww, screw it..." and put the rest in the pile to donate to a local college group unopened.

If I can get my marina owner to approve it I do eventually want to add both solar panels and a rainwater harvesting system.

Where is your home? I'd love to hear stories from someone who's being doing this longer than I...

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  • This is what my home looked like as of March 2008. My place began it's life as a boat house in the 1960's. Over time, previous owners have slowly converted pieces of it into living space. In its current state, it has roughly 500 square feet of living space. Filling in the boat well wil add roughly another 150 square feet.

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